Child Plans

Secure your child’s future, secure his dreams

Child Plans offer you regular guaranteed payouts for financing your child’s dream. Also secure child’s future even in your absence with comprehensive financial protection

Why Choose Childs Plan offered by IndiaFirst?

  • Power to realize their dreams

    We design plans that are not just built on various benefits but also empower you to ultimately achieve the milestones that you and your child have set together

  • Safety of your loved ones

    We ensure that even in unforeseen events they are protected with the help of a life insurance cover

  • Child’s goals remain unaffected

    With the help of an in-built waiver of premium (in case of death / disability of life assured) we provide safety to your child’s goals

  • Apt financial support

    We provide you multiple risk cover and payout options along with flexible policy and pay terms which helps you provide the perfect monetary support

  • Tax Benefit

    Get tax benefits on the premiums you pay and the benefits you receive as per prevaling tax laws

Some Factors to consider

  • Determine your child’s goals

  • Start Early

  • Choose the right plan

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Determine your child’s goals

Every goal should be teamed with a clear road map and each have an achievement timeline. Hence, a smart planning specially in case of your child’s future will take you a long way

Start Early

The earlier you start planning for your child’s needs, the more time you have to build a corpus for the achievement of their goals. Hence avoid delaying your planning process. Get in touch with us today and start planning.

Choose the right plan

Every child is unique and so are their dreams needs. We suggest you buy an insurance plan that suits your needs and respective financial goals.. This way you will have the perfect financial planning in place to help your child fulfill his dreams