Do not call registry
Do not call registry

IndiaFirst Life Insurance is happy to keep you updated and send you information related to our products and services, which will be of interest to you in shaping your life insurance needs.

However, we respect your privacy and if you do not wish to receive marketing messages in the form of SMSs or telephone calls being made on behalf of IndiaFirst Life Insurance, you can register your number under Do Not Disturb by sending an SMS to 1909 (toll free) to register with NCPR or by calling your telecom service provider.

You may also register at

We, at IndiaFirst Life Insurance, would like to inform you that we value your privacy and would never make any unsolicited commercial calls/SMS if you have chosen not to receive Commercial Communications.

In case you have registered yourselves on or and you do receive such calls or SMSs claiming to be from IndiaFirst Life Insurance, we urge you to please report them immediately to us at

Please note that upon registering for Do Not Disturb facility, existing customers will still continue to receive calls or messages and emails of transactions and reminders related to the services you are availing from IndiaFirst Life Insurance for which you may consent to at the time of application or otherwise for the said products/ services.