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Planning your finances effectively in your youth means a stress-free retirement. Continue living the life you aspire to live, in your old age too!

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Some factors  to consider

  • Start early
  • Work out your likely retirement income
  • Plan based on your life stage
  • Annuity plans
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Start early

The earlier you start planning for your retirement, the more time you have to build a corpus for a happy after-work life. Also, enlist the help of pension calculators to determine your corpus amount.

Work out your likely retirement income

Working out how much you are likely to have at retirement is a good point to start on. Start early to build a sizeable corpus. Also, the power of compounding gives a boost to your retirement corpus by building on the interest earned. Furthermore, the right pension scheme lets you plan your retirement in a phased manner.

Plan based on your life stage

You need to plan your scheme according to the life-stage that you are at. Your life stage plays a major role is determining your premiums and investment vehicles when planning your retirement.

Annuity plans

While building your corpus, consider annuity plans, which are of two kinds- deferred and immediate. Under a deferred annuity plan, the pay-out is received at the beginning of your retirement age, i.e. you will receive the pay-out at the age of 60, if that’s the retirement age decided by you. Whereas, in an immediate annuity plan you invest a lump-sum and begin to receive the annuity immediately. Both plans are used to satisfy your needs, at different retirement stages. Immediate annuity plans are suitable for individuals who are going to retire soon.

What our Customers have to Say


  • Why do I need a pension plan?

    A pension plan ensures your financial security even after your retirement. It offers a stable and structured income in the long run, basis the investment that you make.

  • What is the right age to invest in a retirement plan?

    The sooner the better. Start early to gain a longer investment horizon. The earliest you can invest in a retirement plan is at 18 years.

  • How do I start with retirement planning?

    Before you start planning for your retirement, make sure you understand your future needs as well as your current income. Kick-start your retirement planning with clarity by using Wealthify, a tool that simplifies and makes investing affordable and easy.

  • What are the tax benefits?

    You get to enjoy tax benefits on the premium you invest as well as the maturity of those, under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) as per prevailing income tax laws.