IndiaFirst Immediate Annuity Plan

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Immediate Annuity Plan


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The Immediate Annuity Plan is designed to help you maintain your choice of lifestyle post retirement. It helps you cope with your healthcare costs and stay ahead of inflation.

Reasons to buy IndiaFirst Immediate Annuity Plan

  • Empowers you to choose your retirement age, between 40 and 80 years
  • Enjoy complete financial independence by receiving a definite regular monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly income throughout your years of retirement
  • There are 4 different annuity options to choose from life annuity, life annuity with return of purchase price, joint life last survivor annuity for life and annuity certain for a period of 5 years/ 10 years/ 15 years
  • Choose the joint life option to support your spouse through annuity proceeds, even in your absence
  • Choose return of purchase price option to protect your nominees as they can get back the investment amount
  • Enjoy a comfortable retirement for a defined time, under the option of annuity certain for a period and life thereafter
  • Existing individual, deferred and group deferred annuity policyholder/ member/ beneficiaries can avail the benefits of the plan anytime between 0 to 99 years

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Minimum age for application (first annuitant) is 40 years for new members; 0 years for existing pension members/beneficiaries of IndiaFirst Life Insurance
  • Minimum age for application (second annuitant) is 18 years
  • Maximum age for application (first/second annuitant) is 80 years
  • Minimum premium is Rs. 3,00,000 while maximum premium is limitless
  • Minimum annuity installment per month is Rs 1000 and for a year is Rs 12,500
  • Annuity installment frequency is monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually

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