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Financial needs keep changing. Therefore, you need a solution that evolves to meet both insurance and investment needs.

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Why Choose Unit Linked Plans offered by IndiaFirst?

  • Dual benefits

    ULIPs offer both an investment option and an insurance cover, which in turn, helps you meet your life goals and keeps your family financially secure in your absence.

  • Automatic-trigger-based investment strategy

    Your investment earnings are secured through an automatic transfer in relatively safe options that provide consistent returns. This feature is offered in our IndiaFirst Money Balance Plan and IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan.

  • Flexibility of investment

    Choose to redirect your premium for either high or low risk investments, depending on your goals while you also choose a payment schedule for premiums. Plus, you have the option to switch funds depending on the market conditions to maximise gains.

  • Multiple investment options

    Based on your risk appetite for investing in equities, you could either choose to be aggressive, balanced, or conservative.

Some factors  to consider

  • Choose the right plan
  • Know your risk appetite
  • Study the fund performance
  • Understanding the policy
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Choose the right plan

When buying an insurance and investment plan, make sure that it’s aligned to your goals. This is the key that unlocks many doors and allows you to achieve all your dreams. For instance, you can opt for a medium term plan to fund your child’s education. The choice of your plan depends purely on your financial goals.

Know your risk appetite

The underlying risks attached to ULIPs are similar to those of mutual funds or direct investments in equities/fixed income securities. This makes it important for you to ascertain the risks while investing in ULIPs. While ULIPs offer you the flexibility to switch between aggressive, balanced and conservative stances in equities, you need to know your appetite for risk to choose wisely and to know when to switch. Since this investment risk of the portfolio is borne entirely by you, you need to actively monitor it to make the most of it.

Study the fund performance

When buying a ULIP plan, you should look at the past performance of the company. At IndiaFirst, we strive to generate consistent returns and outperform the benchmarks. This can be seen in the details of our fund performance online for your easy access.  Click here for more information.

Understanding the policy

Every ULIP comes with a benefit illustration at 8% and 4%, which discloses the charges and the status of your investment on an annual basis. The returns are indicative and actual returns will vary basis fund performance and market fluctuations.

What our Customers have to Say


  • What should I verify before buying the policy?

    Before buying the policy you should take into consideration –

    • All deductible charges
    • Features and benefits
    • Exclusions
    • Other disclosures

  • Does ULIP help me save tax?

    Yes, you do get tax benefits on the premium as well as the maturity amount, under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income tax Act, 1961 respectively, subject to certain terms and conditions. Tax benefits available are as per prevailing tax laws and tax laws are subject to change.

  • What are the charges under ULIPs?

    The charges under ULIPs include the premium allocation charges, policy administration charges, fund management charges, mortality charges, and surrender or discontinuance charges.